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About Us

Who are we at Fred’s Auto Repair?

Fred - owner | Fred's Auto Repair

Fred’s Auto Repair of Briarcliff is an auto repair shop right in your neighborhood. Fred’s Auto Repair has been at this same location since 1974 when Fred started the business. Fred grew up right down the street from the shop on Ridgeview Drive, with his 3 brothers and 2 sisters. Fred played at Ryder Park when he was a kid and has seen all the amazing changes in the area over the years. Fred is an alumnus of Ossining High School. At the age of 16 a neighbor called and asked Fred if he would like to work for him, Fred jumped at the chance. This was at Scott Motors, a BMW dealership in Mount Kisco. In January of 1974 Fred opened up his own place and for the last several decades has enjoyed not only growth but his wonderful customers.

Fred is a “hands-on” owner and is most comfortable discussing automotive issues with his customers, troubleshooting a vehicle service need, and working under the hood. For over thirty years he has built a loyal following based on trust that spans generations of drivers. Fred consistently covers all aspects of his thriving business as at one moment he may be performing a New York State vehicle inspection, the next helping out in the office preparing estimates or talking to customers, mentoring a member of his staff or neighboring business associate, and even road testing a customer’s vehicle. Fred always operates his business with the customer’s needs first and foremost.

Ken Valentine, front office

Ken Valentine - front office | Fred's Auto Repair

Ken is the grease that keeps the wheels of Fred’s Auto Repair moving smoothly. Ken takes care of processing and prepping all work orders and then follows up with excellent attention tom customer service. Ken makes sure all parts are in stock and arrive on time, always expediting repairs.

Fred’s Auto Repair maintains an automated service computer management system which tracks your vehicles service and service history. Ken has mastered this system and makes sure all information entered remains current and always keeps it up-to-date.

Our team | Fred's Auto Repair

Our team of expert repair specialists are dedicated to preserving the customer’s trust. Everyone working here is continuously striving to do better and learn more in an ever changing automotive maintenance environment. We are professionals with a combined automotive experience of sixty years! Technology plays a key role in how we work on your vehicles. Not only do we maintain state-of-the-art automotive maintenance and diagnostic equipment, our staff is always updating and growing their own knowledge and ability to avail themselves of the latest techniques in automotive repair.