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Founded in 1974, Fred’s Auto Repair of Briarcliff has built a loyal following based on operating with the customer’s needs first and foremost. ASE Certified Technician Fred Indorf established this repair shop at 581 North State Road over four decades ago.

Fred grew up playing at Ryder Park and attending Ossining High School. At the age of 16 Fred went to work pumping gas and washing cars for Wallace Scott Motors, a Saab,Volvo and Jeep dealership located in Briarcliff.

In his last two years of high school, Fred attended BOCES tech for auto mechanics and graduated top of his class. Shortly thereafter, he was promoted to Auto Mechanic at Wallace Scott and loved every minute of it. After eight years of building his knowledge and confidence, Fred decided to take the plunge and opened his own repair shop down the street and he has been mastering his craft ever since.

Fred is a “hands-on” owner. He is equally comfortable discussing automotive issues with his customers, troubleshooting a vehicle service needs, or working with his talented staff. Fred has always recognized that his business is built upon the confidence of his customers and the competence of his staff.

Even though it is a neighborhood operation, the objective has always been and remains “provide world class service”. All cars are road-tested before being released to customers. All staff is personally vetted by Fred and his team of trusted colleagues.

Welcome To Fred's Auto Repair of Briarcliff Inc!


At Fred’s Auto Repair, we use state of the art equipment to perform precise alignments on all types of automobiles, from low-profile sports cars to large 4x4 SUVs.


Ever have a “Check Engine” light illuminate on your dashboard? What did you do? Apparently, 1 in 10 cars on the road have this light on, with more than 50% of such indicators being ignored for months.


Your brakes are one of the most important safety features of your car. Your braking system is comprised of various components such as electronic regulators, hydraulic fluids and moving mechanical parts.

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